Recipe books piled next to my bed, wallpaper designs pinned to my board, a pantry filled with invitation. A love so deep its an honor to name it a passion. Come and share in the love of creating art and sugar. Come and take a class or book an event and discover your passion for edible art!  Based in Sammamish  (SEATTLE) Washington

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Not the most beautiful  cookie in the wo
So I sat down to do Christmas cookies...
Tribal delicacy
I love symmetry
These are chocolate SHORTBREAD COOKIES
Dedicated to my dad
Is it spring yet_  #cookieart  #spring #
The devil is in the details
Simple elegance
My favourite baking day is Sunday! Aztec
I love geometric shapes, they are the cu
This one reminds me of the night sky
These cookies are an unlikely match
What do you call a group of reindeers...
Get your sleep little ones you have a lo
Oh Christmas tree ...
Ornaments  have been a top contender thi
The countdown to Christmas has begun
Oh Christmas you complete me
Merry Christmas beautiful humans
The snow is finally falling outside
You know that feeling when you have bags
Color is everything ❤️ #sugarcookies #de
Diamonds are cookiers best friend
#royalicingcookies #sugarcookies #decora
This cookie is dedicated to my exsquisit
Happy Friday lovely people
Geometrics.... I love you
Playing with neon and textures and pushi
A set I did  as a sample a few weeks bac
Not your usual valentine's cookies, a li
Cookie sticks are sweet to decorate
As we scramble to get Thanksgiving ready
It's the start of the Christmas season
Christmas cookies for days! #royalicingc
Look at the relationships in your life a
Dedicated to my dad
These are chocolate SHORTBREAD COOKIES
Tribal delicacy
I love symmetry
Happy Halloween! It's getting creepy out
Watercolor Hearts
Chocolate Hearts
Golden Color
Emerald Gold
Steer Horn Texture
Watercolor Splash
Golden Doodle
Strawberry and Black Pepper
Neon Bugs
Tribal Cookies
Modern Dance Cookies
Spring Meringues
The Perfect Swipe
Colorful Tears
Cold tones, trying to resist the lure of warmth. However desperately waiting for Spring to arrive
Strawberry and lime meringues, there is something about that chalky sweetness of meringues
Playing with textures. Infinite possibilities
Texture texture texture. I purposely used vodka instead of everclear to get the gold grainy
The most requested colors for a girls birthday. Pink is never a bad thing
Meringue Sticks
Meringue Braids
Elegance in a bite
Birthday cake
Its tea time
Meringue Kisses
Edible art

As featured on King 5 New Day Talk Show

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Its tea time