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My career in the world of creativity began when I moved to London from South Africa. London is a vibrant bustling place that opens all your senses, I fell in love with the depth of Europe, the idea that the world was an open space of anonymity and creativity. I ventured into fabric design and fashion.  The world of creating was open,  I could be all I needed to be.

After 10 incredible years, I moved and settled in the USA, a place I now call home, a place I have planted roots with the family and my forever love of food. I have always been comfortable in the kitchen, but it was here that I fully committed to my calling of the culinary arts. Feeding people is a way of giving of yourself, its intimate, and kind –  I flew all over the US to learn from industry experts. I found an old book on the art of creating art with food – which ignited a passion for me, elevating creating and serving that  helps me be mindful and stay grounded in the creativity. But also speaks to enhancing someones experience.

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Laura McDonald

Coffee Shop Manager

Laura grew up in Hermantown MN and moved to Minneapolis in 2016 where she attended school at the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. Laura studied Entrepreneurship during her time at school with a minor in Creative Writing and got the chance to work with multiple small startups. In her free time she enjoys hiking, writing and spending time with friends. 

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Nicole Becks

Event Coordinator

Nicole grew up in Duluth MN and is now attending Bethel University, she is a senior and will be graduating this fall. She is majoring in businesses marketing, but she has a passion for event coordinating. In the past she has assisted multiple start up businesses. In her free time loves to be outdoors, preferably on a lake. She also loves working out and always try’s to stay active. 

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