I was born in the beautiful country of Africa.  For as long as I can remember I have yearned to be in the kitchen,  the art of mastering food, making edible delights that feed the soul and tantalize the eyes. Recipe books have always been a weakness, pages of opportunities to create.  The simple look on someones face when you give them the gift of food, its just a moment that lights my soul.  

I furthered my journey into the world of creativity by moving to London, a vibrant bustling place that opens all your senses.  I fell in love with the depth of Europe, the idea that the world was an open space.   After 10 incredible years, we finally moved and settled in the USA. A place I call home,  a place I planted my roots with family and my forever love of food and the art of sugar. I have always been baking, but it was here that I committed fully to my calling with flour and butter. I baked anything, cakes, cookies, pastries, flying all over the US to learn from industry experts.  After checking many books out of the library,  I found an old book on the art of creating decorated cookies... well the rest is history. I found a love in the therapy of making art on an edible canvas.  My deep love for color matched my passion for baking and needless to say..... The Fox and Pantry was born.  I will be forever grateful to the universe for marrying my journey with passion.  

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