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It was around this time that my father died tragically, creating became a way of grieving, a way to create and find beauty in the world again. I love the therapeutic effects of making art on an edible canvas. I have a deep affinity for color and flavor ….. The Fox and Pantry was born with this idea in mind. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to marry my journey with my passion.


While my world of food was being reborn, I was fortunate to have The Food Network reach out to be featured as an artist . While understanding that the platform of TV  is a uniform approach, I embraced the challenge to develop and develop my own style.  I enjoy pushing myself out of my comfort,  facing a fear and pushing through. Life is not comfortable, it is always about progressing.   You dont have to be the best, but you do have to know how to listen to others and yourself.

The growth that blooms after such experience reaches far and wide  Shortly after the show, I opened a studio to teach others my craft. I have a real passion for seeing others drop the boundaries of picture-perfect and create art like they were a child. Classes in food art are run on a technique basis and not a “follow and copy” style. Each person walks away with gorgeous creations that represent their personality and uniqueness. Corporate clients find great joy in team-building exercises as it is such a telling session of bonding and vulnerability.  As adults we dont allow oursleves to drop boundries enough,  we love this in our children by dehydrate this in adulthood.  I undoo this this as much as I can.  It is ok just to be.

So with the world in such a hard space, I decided to swim against the stream and instead of online efficiency, I decided to go back in time and buy a brick and mortor that was undeveloped so I could start a project from the ground up. A space that is customer driven, service driven and most of all a space that gives more than it recieves and makes a genuine impact on a soul. We have been  wildly successful, the impact on  the customer has been incredibly rewarding,  the gathering with people for long drawn-out dinner parties or an intimate family dinner with one seating so no rushing away after you have finished your meal.

During the day hours we have bought back the art of espresso , we even had our espresso machine handmade in Florence, bringing back authentic coffee flavor.   I spent a great deal of time around the world, finding an ethically and organic coffee plantation, we fell so inlove we decided to private label our beans.  We serve  gourmet hot chocolate that we import from Europe in the colder months, to keep deep cocoa flavors that are authentic. Plymouth  finally has a boutique business that will be an experience to visit. Customer service and attention to detail comes second nature to me, nuturing connections is a language I speak, I cannot wait to continue to spoil and celebrate my customers as they continue become my family.

After Covid 19, we are yearning for connection, I intend to make relationships  delicious and fun and  my mission statement follows the guideline of – “gather, create, and be inspired”.  Quality over quantity.   


 Thank you for for the overwhelming support I have seen it has been so incredibly humbling.  Dont forget that connection is a true form of love, if I can help along the way it would be my honor.

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